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Holy Saturday

       The seventh day of Passion Week, Saturday, is known as 'kidame Su‘ur' in Amharic, meaning 'unobserved.' Unlike other Saturdays of the year, this day is observed as a fasting day. It is also referred to as 'Green Saturday' because on this day, 'Sedge' is distributed to the people as a symbol of good news.


        During Passion Week, the church prohibits absolution for individuals who pass away within this week. As such, they may simply be buried, with absolution being conferred after Passion Week. However, according to the canon of the church, absolution is also granted in advance on the preceding Sunday, Palm Sunday, in case anyone dies during the week of Passion.

Furthermore, no baptisms or celebrations of Saints' days are conducted during this week. Priests also refrain from bestowing blessings upon the believers. Kissing the Holy Cross is prohibited during Passion Week, symbolizing remembrance of Judas's betrayal of the Lord after kissing Him.


        Greetings among Christians are similarly discouraged during this week, also as a reminder of Judas's betrayal. However, the priests begin blessing their congregation with the cross at the dawn of Friday, signifying the moment when, according to the teachings of the Holy Church, Lord Jesus freed Adam, who was imprisoned by the Devil in Hell.


         Passion Week is a solemn period for Christians in the church to reflect upon and commemorate the suffering and condemnation that spanned 5500 years. It is a time dedicated to embracing the significance of these events and seeking redemption for our souls.

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