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Happy Feast of Resurrection

Dear Children of God, Greetings to you and gratitude to Almighty God! Happy Holiday

to you as we have reached the joyful day of Easter, the day Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has risen from death.

Today we are going to teach about the holiday we all love, ‘Easter.’ So be with us!

Dear Children Easter, also called Resurrection Day, is a holiday that is celebrated after Passion Week where Our Lord and Jesus Christ suffered and was sacrificed (died) upon the cross to save human kind.

This holiday is a celebration of Lord Jesus Christ rising from the dead. So, it is the joyful day for all Christians and we celebrate it with family and loved ones. Easter always takes place on Sunday, and laities (Christians) attend the divine Church service beginning the eve of Saturday till nine clock (local time) when the Church service ends. After that, we all go to our house where Easter feast (meal/food and drink) is prepared to end the Great fast with the consumption (eating) of meat, eggs and other delicious food with the beverage of (drinking of) cultural drink such as ‘Tela.’

Dear Children of God, as this holiday is the joy for everyone, we shall celebrate it by sharing everything with our family, relatives, friends and other in need of food and shelter. We ought to feed and nurture the poor and show them love on this holiday because that is what our Lord Jesus Christ taught and showed us His divine and unconditional love upon the cross.

Fare well children, it is enough for us today; we wish you a happy holiday and joyful feast!

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