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Passion Week

Dear Children of God how are you? Praise to the Almighty for His mercy and will to keep us alive and peace!

Dear Children! Today we are going to teach you about the last week of ‘The Great Fast’ which is called ‘Passion Week.’

Passion Week is the last week of ‘The Great Fast’ which comes after Palm Sunday from Monday to Saturday.

The days of this week are the remembrance of all the pain that Our Lord Jesus Christ bare to save us. Therefore, during this week we are expected to pray and bow down much begging for mercy from God.

All Christians begin bowing from the first day (Monday) which commemorates Lord Jesus Christ’s prayer and bowing at Gethsemane before  He was captured up to the fifth day (Friday) which Lord Jesus Christ was Crucified. (Matthew 26: 39)

  1. Holy Monday (Anointing of Jesus):

  2. Holy Tuesday (Predictions of Jesus):

  3. Holy Wednesday (Betrayal of Jesus by Judas):

  4. Maundy Thursday:

  5. Good Friday:

  6. Holy Saturday:

Dear Children, be reminded that during Passion week Priests do not give blessings to the believers, we are prohibited to kiss the Holy and Greetings amongst Christians is also inhibited as a remembrance of Judas’s betrayal of Lord after he kissed Him. The Priests start blessing their children by the cross at the dawn of Friday when because Lord Jesus liberated Adam who was imprisoned by Devil.

Fare well children! We hope you stay well and good until we meet the next time.

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